Preble County, Ohio Prosecutor's OfficeMartin P. Votel, Prosecuting Attorney

Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Preble County Prosecutor’s Office

The Civil Division of the Preble County Prosecutor’s Office provides comprehensive legal guidance to every Preble County department of government and every governing board as mandated by Chapter 309 of the Revised Code.  Clients include: the Board of County Commissioners, the Engineer’s Office, the County Treasurer, County Auditor, and the Clerk of Courts.  The Civil Division also handles all criminal appeals in the Twelfth Appellate District Court of Appeals, and represents all twelve Preble County townships ( The Ohio Township Association has more information regarding townships). 

The Civil Division aids Government offices with the review and execution of County contracts, preparation of bid documents, and opinion requests, as well as representing County offices in civil litigation. The Civil Division collects overdue or fraudulently attained monies for all County offices. For example, the Civil Division aids the Preble County Treasurer in collecting overdue tax assessments through property tax foreclosures , and collects welfare overpayments and fraudulently attained payments for the Department of Job and Family Services.   Our two civil attornys are Kathryn Worthington and Eric Marit.